10 MPa Vacuum-pressure Sintering Furnace

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10MPa sinter-HIP furnace is well-suited for pressure sintering of cemented carbide and precision ceramic. We can design this 100bar gas pressure sintering furnace as per your product’s particular temperature, time and atmosphere requirements, rather than just offering standard sintering furnace models, so you don’t need to modify your process to fit them.

1. All these gas pressure sintering furnace are equipped with double control system, double thermocouples and double high pressure sensor to ensure that if one system fails, the other will continue to work reliably.
2. We use German COAX high-pressure valve, Germany WAKI high-pressure sensor and Germany LEYBOLD or INFICON vacuum gauge for safe and reliable operation, high vacuum level and low vacuum leakage.
3. Each of these 10bar gas pressure sintering furnaces is detected by using helium mass spectrometer leak detector.

Quality Advantages
Low temperature uniformity test is carried out to ensure the high quality of these 10MPa sinter-HIP furnaces. 6 thermocouples are arranged in the furnace.
(1) Test conditions of vacuum dewaxing or flowing gas dewaxing
Test temperature: 280°C, 335°C;
Keep the temperature constant within 180 minutes;
Tolerance of 6 thermocouple reading: ±5°C.
(2) Test condition of vacuum sintering
Test temperature: 600°C, 800°C, 950°C;
Keep the temperature constant within 180 minutes;
Tolerance of 6 thermocouple reading: ±5°C.

Technical Advantages
1. A filter is designed on the main line of the 100bar gas pressure sintering furnace to effectively protect the vacuum pump and extend the oil change interval of vacuum pump.
2. This 10MPa sinter-HIP furnace adopts patented dual dewaxing outlet structure (patent No.: ZL2013 2 0422916.7). Compared with single dewaxing outlet design of other brands, our 100bar gas pressure sintering furnace enjoys better atmosphere uniformity when sinters ultra-fine cemented carbide with low cobalt.
3. Our patented dual fast-cooling structure (patent No.: ZL2013 2 0422878.5), compared with single fast-cooling structure of other companies, helps effectively improve the efficiency of the sinter-HIP furnace.
4. Newly-designed dewaxing system with additional gas distribution pipe (patent No.: ZL2013 2 0471657.7) allows enhanced atmosphere uniformity (97%) during the dewaxing process.
5. We adopt tapered sealing structure (patent No.: ZL2013 2 0422133.9) on both ends of the sintering chamber for improved sealing effect of furnace door, less heat loss, and ease of replacement and maintenance.

Experience Advantages
1. We have been engaged in designing and manufacturing furnaces for more than 15 years.
2. Commissioning experience of hundreds of sinter-HIP furnace.
3. We have a professional team that is capable of completing installation and commissioning within 25 days if water, electric and gas are ensured.

After-sales service
1. We provide technical support and professional solutions according to your production process.
2. We will be responsible for the liability related to intellectual property rights arising from or in connection with the design, manufacturing, sales and operation of this 10MPa sinter-HIP furnace. Customers will not be responsible for such liability.
3. We offer 12-month warranty for this 100bar gas pressure sintering furnace. If equipment failure happens, our after-seals personnel will respond within 24 hour after being notified, and if on-site assistance is required, our personnel will arrive at the site within 48 hours. They will check and repair the equipment until it works normal again.
4. If any loss or damage arises during the warranty period from equipment quality, we will offer free replacement or repair. If it’s not due to quality, or it’s caused by customer’s negligence or improper operation, customer can contact us for paid technical assistance.

We are a professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy sintering furnaces. Custom design is available according to customer’s requirements. Please offer us the sintered material, size of sintered piece, max. temperature, heating zone dimensions, vacuum level and other special requirements when making inquiries. We will offer professional proposal and solutions based on your requirements.


Usable space (mm)
300 × 300 × 900 / 350 × 350 × 1200 / 500 × 500 × 1800
Design standard
ASME, 20-year service life, double-door horizontal structure, 600 times of use
Max. working temperature (°C)
1600 (1800 for customized design)
Max. working pressure (bar)
Vacuum leakage rate (Pa/h)
≤ 3 (average rate in cold, empty and dry chamber for 24 hours)
Vacuum pump
Slide valve pump, roots pump (imported or domestic pump is available according to customer’s requirement)
Wax-collection rate
≥ 98%
Time for increasing pressure (min)
Cooling time (h)
3 / 4 / 5
Cooling water temperature (°C)
≤ 30
Cooling water flow rate (l/min)
Power supply
AC380V±10%/50HZ three-phase five-wire system
Control cabinet power supply
AC210V-250V/50HZ single phase
Heating power (KVA)
300 / 340 / 520
Temp. measurement mode
WRe5/26 thermocouple
Temp. control mode
3-zone / 4-zone temperature control
Vacuum sintering, vacuum dewaxing, H2 dewaxing, partial pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, pressure sintering, fast cooling.
Furnace weight (ton)
Around 20 / 24 / 34
Gas allowed to input

Ar, H2, N2, CH4

Note: the above specifications are defined based on cemented carbide. These specifications can be adjusted as per special technical requirements of customers. They are not viewed as acceptance standards, and detailed instructions will be set out in technical documents.
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