Vacuum-pressure sintering furnace (Sinter-HIP)
1MPa Pressure Sinter Furnace (Sinter-HIP Furnace)
6MPa Vacuum-pressure Sintering Furnace
10 MPa Vacuum-pressure Sintering Furnace
Vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Debinding Sintering Furnace
Integrated Vacuum Dewaxing Sintering Furnace (Traditional Type)
Integrated Vacuum Dewaxing Sintering Furnace (Rapid Cooling Time)
Super High Temperature Sintering Furnace
Molybdenum-made High-temperature Sintering Furnace
High Vacuum Sintering Furnace
Silicon Carbide Vacuum Sintering Furnace


Q: Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a leading vacuum furnace manufacturer in China. In May 2014, we were awarded “Safety Production Standardization Enterprise”, and in July 2014, we were certified by ISO9001. In September 2014, we were honored by the government as “National High-tech Enterprise”.


Q: Is the furnace hard to operate and maintain?

A: Our furnace is designed with PLC controller and smart programmable temperature controller. Users can easily set the curves, auto/manual operation, monitoring system, etc. through the touch screen. Specific spare parts and technical support are available for ease of maintenance.

Q: Do you offer overseas customers with services like installation, commissioning?

A: Yes, we can send our engineers to your city for installation and commissioning or other services. Meanwhile, we will offer relevant documents for your reference: equipment installation plan, equipment layout manual, diagram of electric control system, operating instructions of main accessories, etc.


Q: How about training?

A: We will send our engineers to offer training services at your working site, or you can send operators to our factory for training of furnace operation.


Q: How long is the warranty period of your sintering furnace?

A: 12 months since the sintering furnace is accepted.


Q: How to get quick quotation from us?

A: Please offer us the sintered material, size of sintered piece, max. temperature, heating zone dimensions, vacuum level and other special requirements when making inquiries. Then we can quote you as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have any special technology in the production of your vacuum pressure sintering furnace? How about the service life?

A: Ruideer vacuum pressure sintering furnace is designed according to the standards of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). It enjoys 20 years’ service life.

Q: What products are suitable to be sintered by using molybdenum strip sintering furnace?

A: High-density alloy, tungsten-nickel alloy, tungsten-copper alloy, titanium alloy, and metal products sensitive to carbon atmosphere.

Q: What vacuum pump do you use in your furnace?

A: Both imported and China-made vacuum pumps are available for you. All other main parts are from global-leading manufacturers.